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How to Keep the Party Going at Ritzy Bingo

How to Keep the Party Going at Ritzy BingoDiscover fun and fast-moving chat in the chat room at Ritzy Bingo. The chat room at Ritzy Bingo is undoubtedly one of the most lively and vibrant places for you to pass your time while you play online bingo. Ritzy Bingo strive hard to make it enjoyable and safe for all players.


A few little tips when you visit the Ritzy Bingo chat room:


Respect your chat moderator, after all, she is there to make it enjoyable for you.


It’s important to remember that running a chat room takes a lot of concentration. Your chat moderator may be busy talking with other players and running games and she may miss you entering chat, or asking a question.


One of the most important rules of any chat room is to make new players feel welcome. After all, we were all new to bingo at one time, so dish out those warm welcomes as often as you can.


Don’t you just love that feeling of getting on a winning streak? Wouldn’t it be awful if somebody rained on your parade? So, please don’t make comments about players who are enjoying a run of good luck. Congratulate them instead.


Follow these simple tips, and the Ritzy Bingo Chat Room will remain fun and friendly for all. Join today for a 350% no deposit match and £10 no deposit bonus. And get chatting!


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